Author: lorihedderman

Lori A. Hedderman, M.Ed., N.C.C., L.P.C., is a certified school counselor who works with children and their families in the public school system. Her work brings her into contact with many students who are losing a parent or loved one due to illness. She conducts bereavement groups and counsels individuals who have experienced losses. She also facilitates a support group for children whose parents have cancer or other serious illnesses.
She is trained in both crisis intervention and disaster mental health and responds to traumatic events in her role as a crisis team member for her school. As a former American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team Member, she was deployed to Mississippi during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where she worked to console and to assist hundreds of victims who were grieving the loss of loved ones.
She resides in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, Tony, and her son, Connor.

Factors That May Affect The Grieving Process

Regardless of age, many factors contribute to how any person, adult or child, works through the grieving process. These factors include:  The closeness of the relationship with those involved.  Age and developmental level. An elementary-age child has a much different level of understanding of death than a high school student.  Life experiences. …

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