Four Years After Surgery

Here I am, 4 years out from my surgery, 4 years out from the upheaval of my life. The time when so many normal “take them for granted” things in my life changed. Leading up to the surgery were feelings of anxiety, doubt, fear, and “why me?” Right after surgery, were feelings of relief and looking forward to moving on. I was blessed to have so many supportive family members and friends with me in this journey.

I never thought that my story and my blog would become something that other women would find and read. It never occurred to me that my journey would be one to inspire, comfort, and help others with the BRCA2 gene make the difficult decisions that we all face. It took a cancer diagnosis for me to finally take all the steps necessary to ensure that I will be around as my son grows up.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me to ask advice and to tell their story. We are not alone.


Post Script: For those who have just learned of their BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetics, look into joining F.O.R.C.E. (Facing Our Risks of Cancer Empowered) at:


  1. Jeffy

    You are awesome, Lori! And I’m looking forward to being your awkward, annoying little brother for a LONG WHILE yet to come!

  2. Nicole

    Hello Lori,
    Wishing you the best of health! I am BRCA2+ I found out a few months ago after my Mom a Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer Survivor tested positive as well. It has been something that has impacted my life is ways I never thought. I have to say that for me the decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy came easy after seeing my mom suffer through cancer and loosing a close friend to cancer at the young age of 35. I have 2 young daughters and a husband I want to enjoy life with. This is why I am having my surgery which is scheduled for next week. Although there are moments that I doubt my decision or that I’ve become so scared I say to myself should I postpone this should I wait and then I read your post and I have to say that it’s because of woman like you and my mother that I have the strength to make the decision to move forward with the surgeries.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story I hope you know that it’s made a difference and I wish you the best of Health! God bless you!

  3. lorihedderman


    I just saw this and I am sorry that I missed your surgery. I hope that everything went well and you are healing physically and emotionally. I am honored that my story has helped you. Please let me know how you are and know that I am praying for you! If you have any questions/concerns that I can perhaps help answer, please e-mail me at
    God Bless you and your family!

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