Lately, the topic of priorities has been on my mind. We all have them, whether they are tasks that we have to do- such as those for school or work; or things we want to do- such as spending leisure time with others.

Overall, we make time for those that we most wish to spend time with. However, there are always those that we want to spend time with, that are just as busy as we are, and the schedules just don’t align.  I find this to be the case in many of my friendships. Our free time gets wrapped up in our children’s sports and other demands, so much so, that we must schedule a time to get together far in advance. In the unfortunate event that someone must cancel (a sick child, an emergency, work commitment) it may not be rescheduled for quite some time.

Sometimes out of sight is out of mind. We have friends and loved ones who have moved away from the area. Maybe we spent a considerable amount of time together when we lived nearer, or worked together. We try to keep up with our communications, but try as we do, greater lengths of time pass before we connect again. In our hearts, we remain friends- thinking of them often, or from time to time when something reminds us.

I extend a challenge to each and every one of you who is reading this post.

The challenge is this:

Think of those with whom you have lost touch, or have been meaning to contact and have been sidetracked. In the next 24 hours, send them a text, e-mail, or pick up the phone. Tell them that you are thinking of them and just wanted them to know that. That’s all. No strings attached. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone, or even make plans. Just tell them that they are on your mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone you care. Little things can matter more than you will ever know.





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