Reflections on Surgical Menopause

As I blogged about before, after my bilateral mastectomy on September 25th, I still had to undergo another procedure at the end of November- an oophorectomy.

I actually couldn’t wait to get it over with, as I felt that my life had been on hold since the breast cancer diagnosis.  So I had my ovaries and my fallopian tubes removed in an outpatient procedure.  Then I waited. And waited. And waited.

Menopause. Scary word, scary stuff. Countless women have muddled through it, but this was me! And at 40? Oh my! Was I going to act crazy? Be irritable? I mean more than normal. 🙂 Would I have hot flashes, cold sweats, night sweats? Haven’t I dealt with enough for a while?

The waiting continued…I felt okay. Early January, I saw my gynocologist for my yearly checkup. Asking him when I should expect to start the process, he smiled and said, “You should have already been having symptoms if you were going to. Some women wake up in the recovery room and their symptoms start, others a little longer, maybe a couple weeks, but I’d say if you haven’t had issues by now, you’re in the clear.”

So here I am at the beginning of February, and I have only had some mild temperature swings, and I don’t think I’m acting any stranger than usual.

All kidding aside, I know that many women have serious issues with these symptoms, and I feel so lucky to have had one less obstacle to face in this chapter of my life.

Next blog piece- finishing up the breast reconstruction process and finally closing the book on this part of the journey…

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