Surgeries Are Over- Starting Over and Beginning Again

I’m finally on the other side of all the surgeries. Whew! My oophrectomy was on Tuesday and now my body is healing once again. It wasn’t bad really. Just ended up with some cramping- and my heating pad is my new best friend now!! No signs of menopause yet- here’s hoping I stay normal!

So now what? I really really really want to start working out! I miss that empowered feeling after a good run. I miss the ME time when I’m out on the trail. I am bummed I missed running out in the fall weather, with the leaves falling and the fall colors. HOWEVER~

I am cancer free!

I am going to see Connor grow up!

I am going to grow old with my best friend!

I am going to train again, and be healthy!

I am going to start by running the Race For The Cure on Mother’s Day this May! And I’m going to wear PINK!!!!


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