Passing On Marketing Tips

Book cover for Lori Hedderman's book Preparing Your Children for GoodbyeKnowing that I needed to really begin marketing my book, I began shopping for companies to order both business cards and sell sheets to show perspective buyers what the book entailed.
First, looking at CreateSpace, I found that the prices for ordering business cards began at $199 for 500 cards. After looking around the web, I found With shipping, I paid $34.91 for 200 cards. Roughly, the cost for 500 cards shipping included would be about $70. What a difference! I didn’t order 500 cards, as I wanted to see the quality of the cards before I purchased a larger quantity. I was not disappointed! The quality of the cards are excellent!
After ordering cards, I then began to look for prices for sell sheets. Again, I first looked to CreateSpace. They priced 100 of these colored printed sheets at $199. After researching further online, many of the prices were in the $50 to $60 range for 100 copies.
I finally found They boasted the price of $24.30 shipping included for 125 copies, and any quantity could be ordered. I again wanted to check the quality before I ordered more. The sell sheets look great! Ordering was easy, as was uploading the PDF file of my sell sheet.
Both products ordered from both copies had quick turn around time and fast shipping.
Shop around before you buy any products to market your book. It doesn’t need to cost a small fortune to receive quality!

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