A Lesson in Patience

I just asked my 8-year old son Connor if he knew what patience was. He said that patience is “waiting without complaining”.

I’ve had a lesson in patience myself while working on the book’s “final” proof copy.  After a year of working on my own, and another year working with Les, I finally have the interior of the book completed. I thought that the hardest part was over! My obsession to use a particular photo of Connor and I during his first trip to the beach has prolonged the process.

Armed with only a paper copy of the photo – where the original digital copy went is anyone’s guess – I begged that it be remastered into something that would be perfect for the cover. Over and over again, Les and Katia worked on the photo, retouching the picture.

Auguste Rodin said “Patience is also a form of action.”  Rather than taking the easy road and accepting an earlier version that I wasn’t quite happy with, I chose to “wait without complaining” while accepting help from others.  I see this in other aspects of my life and those in others’ as well. As adults we try to be self-sufficient and not to “bother” others with any of our needs or desires. There are many times in our lives that we need to tell ourselves that it is okay to accept these gifts from others.

We are almost there. Thank you for your patience, friends!

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