The Wait Continues

I finally have a surgery date. It’s been a long wait while seeing a plastic surgeon, then waiting another week to see Dr. Johnson again. Now with September 25th designated as “the day” I’m still in a holding pattern. I’m not sure about the time I’m biding here- I am swamped at work and trying to get things in order, but I am just so tired of stressing over what’s to come. It seems that it will never get here.

On a positive note, I have been overwhelmed with the support that I have received from everyone. The old saying “You Find Out Who Your Friends Are” (and great country song, by the way) rings true. I am blessed with how many wonderful people I have in my life.
It is difficult, however, for me to accept the help offered. I like being the person who is helping- not the other way around. This situation is going to force me to ask and accept help from others. No easy task for this girl!

Until next time,



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