My New Personal Battle With Breast Cancer

My blog pieces are becoming quite personal these days. Earlier this year, I had skin cancer removed from my cheek, and now I have found out that I have breast cancer. I am confident that they have diagnosed me early, as it has not spread to my lymph nodes according to my MRI. I will be seeing a surgeon on Thursday- the same surgeon that my mother went to 10 years ago. Because of my BRCA2, I am anxious to hear what my treatment options are. I will be posting an update after my consultation.

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  1. Stephanie Young

    Hi Lori,
    Ree told me about your diagnosis and I just wanted to say that you are in my daily prayers for complete recovery and the strength to do so. You are a beautiful, loving young woman and a wonderful mother and so please focus on a healthy future with your husband and son. Please know that all of your family and friends are there for you in thought, deed and prayer. Hugs, Stephanie

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