Skin Cancer- Up Close and Personal- The End

Well, I’m out of the woods! Last Thursday and Friday morning were nerve racking (my blood pressure was a little higher than normal-go figure).

I was lucky enough that the doctor only had to perform the procedure once to remove all of the cancer cells. I was stitched up and out of the office by 9am. A feat that was unprecedented according to the staff. I have not seen the stitching as of yet, because of the covering. I was told that the incision would be larger than I would expect- as to help the scar to be less noticeable over time. It works for me since the area is on my left cheek.

I return this Friday for a follow up with the surgeon, and see my dermatologist every 6 months.

I was not allowed to work out Friday or Saturday, so I made up for the loss by running 10 and a half miles on Sunday. Minimum swelling, very little pain. I’m feeling good!

I am indeed blessed.

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